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We need smarter ways to manage content.

Content is created, managed, and deployed at a relentless pace. But current systems can’t withstand the chaos. Working harder isn’t a solution that scales. It’s time to work smarter.

The smarter way to work? Content Intelligence. Cornerstones of Content Intelligence bring innovative insights so your team works smarter. Learn how to revolutionize your team’s approach to effortlessly deliver great content across every channel and to every customer.

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Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Content Intelligence
  2. The Anatomy of a Content Intelligence Program
  3. Architecture of a Content Intelligence System
  4. Introduction to Content Engineering
  5. Introduction to the Core Content Model®
  6. The Core Content Model in Practice
  7. The Relationship of Structure and Semantics
  8. The Core Semantic Model in Practice
  9. The Role of Open Content Standards
  10. Content Intelligence in Action
  11. Operationalizing Content Intelligence
  12. Wrap-up for Content Intelligence

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Learn how to make content work for you.

Most organizations structure their content in clunky, disorganized ways. This creates chaos, stress, and poor customer experience. Cornerstones of Content Intelligence reveals practical steps to better organize content so you are more efficient and more effective.

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Learn what these brands already know

What Our Students Say

"Everyone from creatives, to documentation, to executives that are striving towards digital transformation but don't know how to articulate or make that effect, this is a really powerful tool to get there." 

–Director at an Enterprise Content Management Platforms Company

"It connected all of the things I had been learning in a flow that made sense, and told me how to incrementally get to where I know myself, my organization, and our clients need to go." 

–Director of Content and Strategy at a Digital Marketing Agency

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Meet Your Instructors

Cruce Saunders Headshot

Cruce Saunders

Founder and principal at [A] and author of Content Engineering for a Multi-Channel World, Cruce has more than 20 years of experience in content technology. His team works with the largest and most complex content sets on Earth within leading enterprises, often at executive levels.

Joe Gollner

Joe Gollner brings over 25 years of experience as a highly successful manager of businesses, software products, strategic partnerships, research and development investments, intellectual property portfolios, and solution projects. He has designed and deployed award-winning content solutions for customers around the world, including Silicon Valley startups, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and global enterprises.

Alan J Porter

 Alan has an extensive background within the industry, has worked as the Content Marketing Manager at Caterpillar Inc., and has consulted for other large, well-known enterprises and organizations. He has helped shape the content intelligence space through his writing and thought leadership.

It’s time for a better way to manage content.

The world of content is changing, and the pace will only get faster.

Keep doing it the same way and get left behind. Or you lead the future by unlocking the power of content intelligence. Those who understand where the world is headed become indispensable. Get Cornerstones of Content Intelligence today and prepare for a career that leads the pack.

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